Materials for Teachers

Below are descriptions of the teacher materials available for purchase in Fundations Levels K, 1, 2, and 3. If an item is only offered in a certain level, it is indicated in parentheses beside it. (Click here to view the WLT Catalog.)

Teacher’s Manual

A structured two-color guide organized in units, the Manual outlines weekly schedules and detailed activity procedures. An extensive resource of controlled text is included for every unit, and the appendix contains reproducible materials.

Teacher’s CD

Demonstrates lesson activities and unit instruction through video clips and animations.

Owl Puppets

A lovable addition to the classroom, the puppets are effective helpers for prompting student responses. Echo is a large snowy owl with a swivel head. Baby Echo fits on a ruler or pointer.

Standard Sound Cards

Used to drill sounds and teach word structure. Phonemes are printed on one side of the flashcards; keywords and pronunciation are printed on the reverse.

Large Sound Cards

Cards present keyword pictures and letters for sound drill and class display.

Magnetic Strips

Affix to Sound Cards for easy manipulation on magnetic surfaces. Precut squares offer easy application.

Classroom Posters

Colorful posters offer students a visual reminder of letter formation, keywords, sounds, and marking rules.

Wilson Grid Scroll

Laminated for classroom sentence dictation work.

Fundations Large Writing Grid

A large laminated grid to practice letter formation (2 Pack).

Alphabet Wall Strip

The Aa-Zz strip hangs on the classroom wall for a quick reference of alphabet order, letter formation and keywords. The alphabet wall strip is offered in cursive for Level 3.

Fundations Reference Charts

The fourteen Fundations posters from Levels K–3 reduced in size and assembled into this portable, handy desktop flip chart. This is a perfect reference tool for small group and 1:1 instruction.

Keyword Puzzles (Level K only)

A fun and effective way to associate letters, keywords and sounds. Each keyword picture piece is designed to match with the correct letter.

Sentence & Syllable Frames (Levels K-1)

There are 8 blue frames for sentence work (2 show the shape for a capital letter), 4 punctuation squares, 3 white syllable frames and 2 yellow suffix frames.

Home Support Pack (Levels K-2)

The Pack provides parents and support personnel with letters and at-home activities to reinforce classroom learning. Reproducible masters include letters to parents explaining Fundations units and activity sheets to reinforce classroom learning.
The Home Support Pack is now offered in Spanish.
Spanish translations are provided for parent letters and instructions for at-home activities. (Note: The activities themselves are not translated.)

Fluency Pack (Levels 1-2)

Contains controlled sound drills, real and nonsense words, trick words, phrases and stories for each unit on reproducible laminate stock. A recording form is included for timed drills.

Books to Remember (Levels 1-2)

Students enjoy these beautiful, highly decodable stories by Laura Appleton-Smith.

Trick Word Flashcards (Levels 1-2)

Flashcards make for easy review of high-frequency, irregular words. (Level 2 kit contains both Level 1 and 2 trick word packs.)

Fundations Word of the Day Cards (Levels 1-3)

Decks include laminated cards for all words of the day for the level (includes 10 blanks).

Suffix & Syllable Frames (Levels 2-3)

The set includes 18 yellow suffix frames and 3 white syllable frames.

Wilson Cursive Writing Kit (Level 3 only)

The Kit includes a letter formation guide that provides the verbalization for directing students how to form each letter using the Wilson grid. Right-handed and left-handed students have their own pages to practice upper and lower case letters and connectives to ensure mastery.

Wilson Cursive Workbooks (Level 3 only)

The workbooks provide practice worksheets for students that match the masters offered in the Cursive Writing Kit. The workbook is geared toward the student’s slant preference. Forward slant is typically used by right-handers and backward slant by left-handers.

Sound Alike Flashcards (Level 3 only)

Homophones are presented on plastic-coated cards for quick drill.

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Fundations provides K-3 materials for teachers and students. The teacher materials include an explicit manual and a CD-ROM with lesson demonstrations.

Student manipulatives provide multi-sensory, interactive opportunities that engage students in the “fun” of building a foundation for life-long literacy.