Materials for Teachers

Below are descriptions of the student materials available for purchase in Fundations Levels K, 1, 2, and 3. If an item is only offered in a certain level, it is indicated in parentheses beside it. (Click here to view the WLT Catalog.)


Building/Letter Boards

Letters are placed on one board, and words are built on the other for dictation activities.

Magnetic Letter Tiles

Magnetic Letter Tiles are used for phoneme awareness activities and the development of sound-symbol correspondence and spelling.

Dry Erase Writing Tablet

This tablet has an imprint of the Wilson grid for letter formation and dictation work. The Level 2 tablet also includes placeholders for multisyllabic work.

Alphabet Overlay (Level K only)

A removable plastic sheet placed on the Letter Board to provide a placeholder for the Aa-Zz tiles and demonstrate the sequence of the alphabet.

Syllable Overlay (Level 1 only)

Provides a placeholder for building multisyllabic words.

Gel Word Board with Magic Pen (Level 2 only)

The gel board and magnetic-tipped stylus provide a multisensory opportunity to write and finger-trace trick words.


Student Notebook

The Student Notebook is used in all levels as a reference and work book for letter formation, keyword pictures, sounds, vocabulary and dictionary for spelling options.

Composition Book (Levels 1-3)

This journal is used for class dictation of sounds, words and sentences. It provides the writing guides and structure to assist students with letter formation.

Fundations Writing & Drawing Pads (Levels K-3)

Each sheet has two sides. Side A has a box for drawing and five Wilson grids; side B has eight Wilson grids (5 Pack).

Fundations Writing Pads (Levels K-3)

Each two-sided page has eight Wilson grids (5 Pack).

My Fundations Journal (Levels K-3)

Each two-page spread has a box for drawing and the Wilson grid.

Desk Strip (Levels K-1)

The colorful, laminated strip adheres to the desk for quick reference of letter formation and keywords.

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Fundations provides K-3 materials for teachers and students. The teacher materials include an explicit manual and a CD-ROM with lesson demonstrations.

Student manipulatives provide multi-sensory, interactive opportunities that engage students in the ?fun? of building a foundation for life-long literacy.