Level K

Program Highlights

Letter formation associated with sounds

Write manuscript letters in lower-case and upper-case

Print knowledge and concepts of print: track print left to right/top to bottom of page; match spoken words to printed words

Identify separate words in an oral sentence, segment words into syllables; segment syllables into sounds (phonemes) - up to 3 sounds

Phoneme substitution, deletion, addition, and manipulation activities done with letter cards and tiles to assist with cognitive manipulation

Isolate phonemes using tapping procedure for both blending and segmenting (segment phonemes in words; blend phonemes into words)

Alphabetic order

Know a-z letter/sound relationships (map letter to sound and sound to letter)

Read and spell approximately 200 CVC words

Read targeted high-frequency words: the, a, and, is, was

Identify 75% of first 100 high frequency words, including 25-30 irregular (trick words) such as the, was, of

Identify and name correct punctuation (period or question mark)

Identify upper-case letter use for beginning of sentences and names of people

Retell short narrative stories

Echo-read a passage with correct phrasing and expression

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Lesson Activities
Sound Drill
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Segmenting and Spelling CVC words
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Make It Fun and Word Play Activities
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