Fundations can be implemented in one of three ways depending upon a school district’s comprehensive language arts program.

Whole Class General Education Instruction with Targeted Instruction for Children with Difficulties

Fundations can provide all students with a foundation for reading and spelling. It is delivered to the general education classrooms in 25-30 minute lessons per day. This is appropriate when the core language arts program does not present a systematic phonics approach. Fundations should be combined with literature-based instruction to provide a comprehensive language arts program.

In addition to the daily whole class lesson, the students who struggle in general education classrooms (in the lowest 30th percentile) should also have additional Fundations targeted instruction in a small group setting*.

Students in the Lowest 30th Percentile

In schools where Fundations is not used in the general classroom, it is appropriate to select Fundations as an intervention program for students in the lowest 30th percentile. Students should have Fundations for 40-60 minutes each day, completing the 20-25 minute daily lesson, plus supplemental activities, as appropriate. Supplemental activities are provided in the Fundations manual.

Students with a Language Based Learning Disability

Students with a language-based learning disability require explicit, cumulative, and multisensory instruction due to a difference in learning style. Fundations can be combined with a literature-based program to provide this type of required instruction as an alternative to the district's core language arts program. Lessons should be scheduled daily and students should receive:

  • Fundations 25-30 minute daily lesson

  • Fundations targeted small group or 1:1 instruction (25 – 30 minutes) with supplemental activities*

  • Literature-based comprehension instruction and other decodable text instruction (30 minutes – 1 hour).

Students in grades 2 and 3 that need more intensive 1:1 instruction should be tutored by a certified Wilson teacher with the Wilson Reading System®.

*Supplemental activities are provided in the Fundations manual.

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